Life of a Hufflepuff

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My brother is texting me for the first time in three months… this made my day :)

He never wants to talk to me anymore. Apparently it’s not ‘cool’ to talk to ‘little sisters’. 

Bro, please. If it wasn’t for my height I would’ve been confused as your older sister. 

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So does anyone know why all of the photos uploaded to tumblr are blurry because it’s super annoying

I think it’s just you… or at least, it’s not me. My photos have been doing fine on this end :)

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lovelikeahufflepuff asked: could I possibly get a promo? I just started and I would love some fellow potterhead followers :)

You heard the Hufflepuff, badgers! Follow! 

I didn’t have anyone promote me, so I know how difficult it is to get followers.